Rumination’s Maze.

Thoughts point forward
A future burdened by now,
Will life be hard?
Will I be happy, how?
Focused in distraction
Consumed in caution
Actions in the head,
A Life lived in bed.

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  1. all I can say if you feel like living your life in bed is, CARPE DIEM! You only get one life so you better savor it. 🙂 great work though. Keep fighting the fight.


  2. I like everything about this except the life lived in bed. I’ve been there, and it’s awful. Wishing you wellness.

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  3. This resonated with me on many levels. Thank you for sharting.


  4. It’s so easy to get paralyzed by ruminations about the future. But we have so little (if any) control about what lies ahead. So all that time gets wasted. I do it, everyone does. Living in the moment is the smart, but hard thing to do. Your poem sums that up so well.


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