Waiting Kills.

Waiting is willing
Waiting is killing
The slowest of slow dance,
A Coordinated happenstance.
Please, a resounding result
Let me escape The Waiting Cult!

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  1. Patience, hard to capture, hard to elude. No feud. Just waiting. Clock ticking. Spitting your thoughts. No receptacle. Just the mind, unwind. Define. It’s almost time.

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  2. Waiting kills under all circumstances.
    The one’s who have sufferred such an ordeal
    know what it means,
    and while waiting for your next post,
    I know how it feels
    as always Waiting Kills!

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  3. Always smile when i see your stuff. I think John Mayer started a chapter of the waiting club. Even wrote a theme song. I think he may have disbanded it by now though. 🙂

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  4. It’s killing but doesn’t kill you enough!
    Keeps you alive to make you wait more

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