The Inbetweens.

I refuse to choose,
Win or Lose.
I don’t care what it means,
I’d rather live in The Inbetweens.

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  1. Cute Picture

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  2. That picture is so cute.


  3. I saw it again and it made me smile again.

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  4. Majority of us are all living in the inbetweens not by choice, but by accident! The image matches the words and vice versa without any inbetween.

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  5. The eyes are very defiant, as is the body stance. Perfectly matches the strong words. 🙂


  6. Very good poetry. You get to the point.

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  7. I’ve been considering doing a series of “inner” child pictures. Thank you for this picture as it is inspiring me to actually take up “the challenge”.

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  8. You probably don’t need me to point out not choosing is a choice in itself but it bears saying, anyway. Why not commit to one or the other and take your chances? Win or lose, you got a story to tell.


  9. Great expression, very strong, can’t look away from her.

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  10. I like the drawings and the verses. Following now and thanks for the follow.


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