I wanted to be different,
Which made me the same.

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  1. 🙂 🙂 Great! Best yet. Very smart lady. You must have been talking to Morpheus. Could do the same with the Emos or Hipsters or anyone who thinks “carbon based” and organic is the same thing. 🙂 I was doing a wine tasting down town and a group of people asked me if my wine was organic. I said “every drop is carbon based.” They smiled and nodded knowingly as though we had exchanged the secret of the universe. Cracked me up. Seems some folks just plug in their twitter feed every day and download the prescribed daily programing. I continue to enjoy your work.


  2. Tool – hooker with a penis!


  3. PS: one of my favorite lines in a song is the mentioned Tool track

    “I’ve got as AD-vise for you, little buddy. Before you point your finger you should know that I’m the man. If I’m the man then you’re the man and he’s the man as well, so you can point that f@*king finger up your a$$.”


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  5. This is so true. I actually laughed at this one. Love it.

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