What Matters.

She was beautiful
Wealthy with a smile that shone,
Cursed to be alone.

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  1. Though the statement that you make with your expressions are usually very clear, there are times when I have to go beyond the literal statement and experience your expressions. To view them as not just as a statement but as the works of art that they are.

    The statement of this work is clear, but it causes me to experience divided feelings. One is the literal statement of what really matters in life. The other feeling is that of actual compassion for the rich woman. Viewing her, not just as a rich woman, but as a human being, with human feelings and needs.

    Through this feeling, your expression has opened my perspective, just as a true work of art should do for the person contemplating the work of art. Even though it is a simple statement that money doesn’t buy happiness and, that many rich people live such lives that many people envy, to see those who are wealth as a human beings and to actually feel compassion for them, is a growth of perspective for me.

    This is mostly because I don’t have many personal interactions with wealthy people. They are usually, and in most cases, simply a pain in my ass. Ordering me around and wanting me to bow in respect to their wealth, which I refuse to do, hence my situation in life. To actually feel compassion for them, or at least the one you expressed in your statement, allows me to open my mind and, at least for the moment, see them in a different light.


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