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  1. I really like that piece of art. I think it gets at something, for all the hate, violence, and division in the world there are certain things that can’t be killed no matter how dark the days may get.

    Hearts and prayers with France at this time. It is terrible to see so much pain and loss of loved ones due to a tragedy of this magnitude.

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  2. People are dying everyday in war in the middle east, or being kicked out of their country and forced to immigrate on foot to anywhere that will take them. Where’s the upheaval on social media then? Nah.

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    1. This comment made me think a little. Actually, it made me kind of mad. Here’s the thing with the middle east, I’ve been there, I’ve been a lot of places. Freedom isn’t free. You have to want it and take it. I don’t know why people do not stand up more. Fear of death.

      Yes, there will be death. Freedom isn’t free.

      The problem is honestly humans. We have a hard time over here in the USA. We have entitlement running over to the point that now, as Ronald Raegan said, “..young people think they can pick and choose which laws they want to follow.”

      And that’s the truth. Go ahead, grab your pitch forks. But it’s the God’s to Honest truth.

      Consequences have gone right out the window, no one is allowed to suffer the cost for their actions and everyone gets a “Number One” trophy.

      But back to the middle east. They have to do it for themselves. No where else on earth besides in the jungles of Africa do people act as they do over there and then to such extreme. People generalize the middle east, a few come here and blow us up and suddenly everyone from there is bad. A few cops make bad decisions and all cops are bad. We have a few African American individuals who commit really bad crimes so now all of them are bad. We have people from the south who married their cousins therefore all southerners are inbred.

      Ignorant at it’s finest.

      We have a hard time saving ourselves, in fact, we are failing. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry, we cannot save a place that has been at war for thousands of years.

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      1. How did this make you laugh? How about adding to your comment instead of being so general? Tell me where I am wrong here. I have many examples if you need them. Sometimes the truth is not easy, it’s often ugly. But in any event, you do take care and I hope you find peace in a peaceless place.

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  3. Good quote
    “Sometimes sympathy is a bread earner for sympathisers and the greatest eaner is media.
    Beggars source of income remains with them are their wounds.”

    They gain from their wounds.
    I m not referring here the freedom fighters. Just the beurocrats and corrupt politics.
    I m referring to a story in which a noble man donated his estate to run a school.
    When he came back after years to see the development there is brothel house running instead of school.

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  4. May god bless the soul of those innocent people who lost their lives and may god give their closed one’s strength to bear loss of their dear ones..

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      1. @Ala, I belongs to a nation which was so powerful that from 1AD to 1500 AD it had 40% GDP of world . I belongs to that culture which was 5000+ yrs old and still world oldest living religion. But from 1000 AD we had a problem which still exist that is denial of existence of problem. We were so sure that nothing can demolish us and our culture. we were so ignorant that 1000 yrs of brutal Islamic expansion and 300 yrs of British colonization was unable to shake our ignorance. So, the whole point is simple, Don’t be ignorant towards issue and take things garneted that nothing can be happen. Everything can be happen to this current world if we still chose to be ignorant.

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      2. *@Ala, I belong to a nation which was so powerful that from 1AD to 1500 AD it had 40% GDP of world. I belong to that culture which was 5000+ yrs old and still world oldest living religion. But from 1000 AD we had a problem which still exists that is denial of existence of problem. We were so sure that nothing can demolish us and our culture. we were so ignorant that 1000 yrs of brutal Islamic expansion and 300 yrs of British colonization was unable to shake our ignorance. So, the whole point is simple, don’t be ignorant towards issue and take things guaranteed that nothing can be happen. Everything can be happen to this current world if we still chose to be ignorant.


      3. @surender, I belong to a very polite and still powerful national. Well, I’m Muslims and wearing hijab is my pride. Culture never demolish. We can still help the world to stand against atrocity and cruelty. terrorism represents Islam.terrorist have no religion. well, we can’t blame any religion for that.ignorance is a poison that kills love, frendship, and all the good feelings. We should care about all humans rather than discreminating the poor.

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      4. @Ala, I will make quick three points.
        1. Culture in history has been destroyed when a brutal and supremacy nature kind of force or ideology enter into their area. Ex. Greece, Romans, Vikings, has been digested by Christianity and Zoroastrian, Mesopotamia, Mays has been digested by Islam. So culture can be vanished if it would not preserve from external force. This is ignorance no. 1
        2. KKK and Sanatana sastha kind of organization has foundation based on religion. so if you are saying all extremist who is booming all around the world has no religious foundation. I am not agree with this. Weather you like it or not like few religion has content of supremacy over others, urge of being truth, urge of calling under same rule. Unfortunately, I have found that trend in Abrahamic religion which all history centric and called for world wide uniformity in customs and rituals by hook and crook. I found it against freedom. For example, hate for idol worshipers is perfect example of racism within religion. But I am also agree with the fact that not all follow it strictly. But it embedded and show effect. so ignorance against such embedded racist paraphrased with in religion is ignorance no. 2.
        3. “ignorance is a poison that kills love, friendship, and all the good feelings. We should care about all humans rather than discriminating the poor”, True but this all humans will include people who are homosexual, people who are apostate, people who support reformation in Muslim community, people who have freedom to make cartoon of anyone, people who can mock sometime your customs and rituals, people who can ask why you following Saudi hijab tradition which is not in your holy book but in shariyats which is manufactured after 250yrs. If yes, they have that right then you are my kind of person. if Not then you need to think again ..are you not ignoring suicidal pills with in religion.

        Please don’t take anything personal. I really like your approach but I am just making my point clear. No offense please.

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      5. @surender I m never going to take it serious and personal because i know that you want your point to be cleared and thats a good thing. I know that most of that religions are against freedom and humanity but it does not mean that all the religion are against this. In our religion Islam it is strictly prohibited to kill anybody no matter which religion he follows.
        Allah mentioned parda(hijab) in quran chapter no.24 surah nur ayat no.30.
        And second verse no.59 chapter no.33in surah Ahzab.
        In this two verses Allah strongly emphasizes decency and modesty in the interaction with opposite sex.Dress code is the part of overall teaching. In this two verses Allah talks about the issues of modesty and parda(hijab).
        Wearing hijab is not sin or a part of terrorism and A man with a beard is not terrorist this is what we have to accept. I am Muslim, Islam is perfect but I am not. If i make mistake blame me, not my religion. I respect religions and we just have to leave our past and should live in present , and follow your future. Everybody have the right to say . Thank you !

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      6. You need to come out of this feeling that you are the only one who obeying perfect religion. if you asked anybody, everyone is doing same (including those religion whom u consider oppressor to other people and religion). true wearing burka and having beard is not sign of anything, I am 100% agree that. so similarly worshiping idol is not sign of anything. Similarly being homosexual is not sign of anything. when we do discriminate with people based on their living style, customs and way of worship..we actually do racism.
        when we say, burka is sign of modesty and decency, actually we are doing discrimination with those women who wear western dress or others non traditional dress, we actually indirectly calling them indecent and less modest. Here’s my point, practicing hardcore customs and rituals is not religion, but carrying values of religion within character is real religion.

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      7. Best of luck My dear, I know nothing represent nothing. This world is curved like that every revolution in history and future will come with an sallow effect also. Hope for the best in future of all. You are few open minded from your community (Unfortunately I did get chance to meet more people like you), so it is more Burdon on you that you spread secular and liberal (not pseudo type or victimhood kind) value within your society. My meaning was different in this debate. I was questioning the fundamental structure of religion. but leave it , it is not worth discussing. Read My Blog may be it will help you.


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    1. @Ala, Ok dear,I don’t generally argue over things. But I would like to quoted the reference you have given

      Chapter 24 v-30
      “Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do.”

      Here prophet telling believers to reduce their lusty vision to women and guard (control) their private parts means control on ur urge to have zinaa with any lady.

      Chapter 33 V-59
      “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.”

      Here prophet telling women to bring down themselves of their outer garments that means they should be hide their openness and lust under the garments of social conduct and righteousness. so that they can safe them self to be get abuse and that is suitable mode of conduct in context of time.

      I haven’t find any direct instruction to have full veil. I belived that prophet was enlightened human in Islamic history. This wise men must be talking about things which should be philosophical not objective. This is My opinion.

      Your contradiction abt including most of religion as category under oppressive but excluding your one is something which i was talking. I belived that nothing is perfect and perfection in anything is illusion. One day this perfect universe has to collapse and all species has to die. Well again best of wishes for your future.
      An old story in Sanskrit says talked about freedom.

      Student asked: What is freedom?
      Teacher reply:
      When Lord krishana itself instruct you complete Bhagwat gita and its instruction but at last advice to you
      “Do whatever you feel” is real freedom. We are not bounded with religion but we are bounded with our own obligation to experience divine. Hope you get my message.

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      1. @surender, I do not want to point or to criticise those who are wearing western dresses. Worshipping idol does not sign terrorism or inhuman or following other religions. And don’t want to hurt anybody by saying that I am Muslim and I am perfect because I learnt in my entire life “Real man can not be perfect and perfect can not be a real man” I never learnt to point other religion as oppressors are terrorists. I know that those who are wearing pant shirt and other non-traditional dresses are not all indecent and immodest. “Freedom is the way you choose to lead your life”. I do respect other religions that what Islam teaches us. Islam is humanity and peace.
        Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. And “the fact that we have freedom of religion doesn’t mean we need to try to have freedom from religion”. “If there is no peace then it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”. Thank you so much!

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    2. Well Lets not drag that this so much !! End this topic on this happy note that, You are a nice person and I am also nice one. we both are seeing this issue in different prospective hence, for some issue we are not in same page. Actually you are defending that Islam has nothing to do with terrorist (You are right in This !!!) and I am pointing that something in all religion is some sense is racist, we all need to modified that part and re teach or re implant same thing in new generation.(communities need to accept that some verse are racist and not according to modern world). Then only real meaning of freedom sustain. Thanks have a good future !!!

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      1. @surender, okay let’s end this but seriously so seems like politician and debater. Well, that’s a good thing and I appreciate this. Islam was same , it is same and will always remain the same, no matter what modern world thinks and people. “It seems that peace won’t prevail without bloodsheds”.We are standing as one nation against terrorism, atrocity, and cruelty. We will protect the world from destruction.Thank you for giving so much information about freedom. Really a nice and intelligent person. Good luck ahead!

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  5. Western Civilization has had a tendency to do just the opposite, so it seems. However, on the flip side, the word freedom should used in reference to not only our physical body but also to our spiritual as well as intellectual body. As long as an individual continues to grow and develop as a better human being, they shall never be a slave to anyone. # let freedom reign


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