Between the not ours and new strangers,
Bustling through stale queasy quarters
Cornered confrontations bury attacks,
Told to go back, stay silent, never ask.
Hungrily we yearn, demanding completed consumption
Movements fuel weary, tangled in needless assumption
Rootless under foot we are broken branches of our tree,
Let us in, let us stay, let us be.

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  1. Love the drawing and LOVE the poem. The lack of compassion some people have for their fellow man is so sad.


  2. says a lot to me about my country…someone had spray painted ‘are you afraid of apathy’? it should have added enough, because to not say or do anything is not an option…..


  3. Hi, Getting late but I look forward to coming back here. You’re home page is so intriguing. Thank you for liking my poem/picture yesterday on the Heron’s Path.

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