The Fairy’s Tail.

Fairies live in harmony,
With each other within nature.
Fairies are born in ceremony,
Bathed in honor of the pure.

One day a Fairy was born of difference,
A tail sprouted below her wings.
The community of love knew hence,
She was a fairy born to kings!

Life sang in tremendous celebration,
At the diversity of nature’s creations.
The beauty of her difference,
Lied in the power of their acceptance.

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  1. She shines, brightening a once darkened sky. A time to remember, places to forget. Forgiveness accepted. A Blight lifted pure. Weightless, engaged. She sang, the rain stopped falling. All began at once. Two points. Three beliefs. A fairy was born.


  2. Reblogged this on My mind. and commented:
    Beautiful. Expansive. Vast. Love.


  3. Lovely! I didn’t want it to end.


  4. Very nice, Anna. I am soothed.


  5. This is really neat. I love poetry, especially this kind of poetry, and I’m going to follow you so I can read more of it.


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