Facebook Has Censored Me.

I clicked to my Facebook page and I could not use it because “Someone may have accessed my account”. However, when I sent an image of my passport to verify my identity from my personal account (as Facebook must know who I am, while to the rest I am anonymous as is my preference) as was requested, they rejected the image I sent anyway and fully locked my account.

I got to over 50,000 likes. 

This is my time, my works, my effort and I have no way to tell them I AM ME publically because I am an anonymous blogger. 

Why am I being punished for supposedly being “hacked”?

From what I can tell how is this not censoring me and my art?

And where and why is there no accountability for Facebook when they take the name I built on and devalue it by calling it “spam” or “abusive”?

I write and paint about sensitive topics, and without the basic safeguards of a free and democratic Internet words become like grains of sand across time. Invisible.

If this matters to you too,

Please share.


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  1. dear aficionado, sad to said but the internet isn’t a free spot, during my 20 years on the net i experienced this case : we aren’t logged on a so called social club w/out paying a price, nothing’s free, no homages for the people by the master, a limited freedom is the real thing, i’m on your side. hope you fix the prob with fb, of course, & if my commenting annoying you i apologize, have a good day my dear, ciao by rinaldo.

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  2. Was this a page you were paying to use? If so, there should be some recourse.

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  3. Update: I have been given access to my account only after sending my driver’s license twice, my bank statement, my medical records, and school records. I advise all who use Facebook messenger for important communication to reconsider, when they locked my account all my messages where deleted and inaccessible. They still have not given any explanation of why they initially took down my personal page, or why they did not accept my passport or driver’s license the first time I sent them.


  4. I was blocked, too, had same experience. Have yet to figure out what Facebook bases its decisions on.

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  5. On the other hand, if you were a terrorist group spewing hate against specific minorities, FB would never block your account, because, you know, free speech…curiously, people and groups who promote freedom of expression are routinely blocked. One wonders about Mr. Z’s motives.

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  7. that is sad everyone is free and should write what they believe in

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  8. Glad this got sorted. As best as current anti-social media allows.

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