Who Will You Be On July 4th?

     I posted a poem and drawing from 2015 about refugees on my facebook page as one does, and was surprised although not shocked by a couple of comments I recieved. They were well composed, however they emphasized that the United States is not an altruistic society and how we must save our compassion for our own citizens first. Being the mischievous person that I am, or should I say make an effort to be, I could not leave well/comment enough alone. So ahead of The Fourth of July I will leave my reply here, in perhaps the vain hope that we might feel the rhythm and tether of history a smidge stronger right now:

     The US is also the country that has instigated and perpetuated conflict in these regions for decades, are you familiar with that?
Is it not ironic when a country of immigrants and refugees whose architecture is built atop sediment infused with the remains of Native American civilizations adamantly argue that “we should come first”?
   Are you sponsoring a reservation, are you an advocate for Native American Rights? Or are you just a 5th or 8th generation refugee whose pallor has changed, found themselves more deserving despite “all men being created equal” and now wants to close the only door that has made this country more than.
     Because we should not be a country that chooses, because we can support citizens and future citizens, because the world is not as small as a comment thread on Facebook, because whether we are altruistic or not we hold the handle on the future of generations to come and that power, that significance, means we do something, we do not let humanity whither and go extinct because we wanted to insulate ourselves against helping.
     The hands will be outstretched, sometimes farther than anyone can reach and to get to them tomorrow we will have to find our peace.

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  1. Well said. And I wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully you educated some people on your FB page and they will open their minds and hearts to ideas they’ve likely never entertained.

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  3. On the Fourth of July I will be the person says That I wish that we could a holiday just because…..
    I can not tell who our country is, I am learning about how different each state is/how diff. Each county is and how each individual expenses are unique: I never saw us as special or altruistic. Most people who have less, give more.
    I have a family trail to a signer that who did show for a photo, his wife died, His name was Honest john heart; my second tried to steal his code of arms dying cousin, so processed she had a lock of his hair. But that line from the time it was mine, I was so mixed with so much diverse society in make up that I do not relate to one culture, you could say I am mut. I have connection to all these holidays, or people in family groups that time your mixed. So all this historical history is so antiquated, the only I have to John hart is that when put signature and not photo during the the celebration, that he lost his wife and I lost my husband. That is my historical connection to the Fourth of July, the sounds and explosions sound bombs. Other than a childhood friend lost eye with fire cracker. That learned what people were about, he was 14 cute, 100’s responded with compassion then when he returned to school little by little he was out. A year later I saw him and he ask me if we could talk we talk all night. I can not remember what he said; but the main thing is either in your out, if your not number one, not popular, your not American, get out.


  4. Very niece piece, and I am definitely on the same page with you…

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