When this happens you take a screenshot.

The most honest news,

I ever read 

Was without a word,

And all it said

Was give my money,

To those who paid.


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  1. At the risk of getting banned from your site: Clinton can’t be trusted to be honest (not such a biggie for a politician), or to run the country (a biggie), or to represent our interests (a huge biggie).

    Sanders has my vote.

    Dismounting soapbox.

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    • That won’t get you banned! I mostly remain neutral online, but it is beyond funny that when I loaded this article nothing was there but a Hilary ad because as you probably know Bernie has experienced a lot of media blackout! Too funny, thanks for the comment! 🙂

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      • If only Warren had run, the misguided sort of feminism –the sort that looks at sex the way that popularity votes did in HS, rather than examining the issues in play– would be siphoned off for a worthy candidate. I’d vote for Warren. But, then again, Clinton has received such an obscene amount of money from foreign governments (including some awful regimes) and big corporations, they would be doing a poor job of babysitting their investment if they didn’t do all they could to ensure that “their” candidate, surely promised to effect “their” policies, didn’t get into office. Businessmen want a return on their investments.

        So of _course_ there was nothing on that website you visited…

        BTW, a friend sent me this:


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