Condensing Gravity.

A jubilee is rarely stopped,

For obscured occurrence

Of a hastened Intention,

Is to control a position

The actual sustenance of,

Which for a victim

Of celebration,

Is condensing



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  1. What sensational colors in that palette! It’s like an entire universe, with its own inscrutable qualities and laws, implied by a few well-placed swatches of color!

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  2. I’ve been kicking back and forth how leaving in and taking out the last word of the fifth line nuances the poem. Can you comment?

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    • I like the sound of “of, which” across the two lines and how it echoes with the other of’s. But I also see the easing of flow of removing the “of”. Interesting comment!


      • I hear.

        Well, I grew up with my father, who was an artist and art professor. I got used to being critiqued (art, poetry, music, life) and learning how to really appreciate the arts, experientially. So when I see a pattern and there is a deviation from it, that sets off a process of, she clearly did that on purpose, so I need to look for the meaning. And since it’s art, it’s going to mean something different to me than it does to you, the creator, because we’re different people, of course. So as I played with that, I could see rather different meanings, with and without the “of,” and wondered what that meant for you. Plus I like the poem a lot, and I find the painting terrifying.

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      • I like your explanation of critically looking at a piece and that taking on a position of both internally asking what it means to you as a reader and what it could have meant to the writer and how that divergence is not a folly. When I write, draw, paint etc. I also go through a litany of words, strokes, color placements thinking about different meanings and intentions I can create for myself and others. Often times, the best outcome is to learn about meanings and connections that viewers/readers see and then I can become an other to my own work. Thank you for your comments, really got me thinking!


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