What is suffering?

Many dual shades of thought,

Have brought about a coup de grâce

But what is it that we have sought?

A life in all that is a game

Of when to end in all,

The unending pain?


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  1. Yes make it stop! End it with a thought! Imagine what it be like not to have it.,
    Yet, it is real, how can live another day, buried alive strip my skin, how will you bones long will the the blood and oxygen in my shattered bones be alive in morning. A photo shredded embedded in suffering that only the stredded life know. Too shredded for mind control of living without pain. They say suffering is a human mind creation, but where mind get thought in the first place to suffer. Was when we started teething or when we strapped in. Or when fluids were poured into our bellies or when our early screams were answered with solitary confinement in a dark room. We’re we thinking suffering thought that cause more suffering thought that by time we were grown out suffering was shattered to the bone. A response to your art work. I like you poems and photos.

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  2. Beautiful sketch with even beautiful words. Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. Goodness…this is a powerful poem.

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