The Girl with An Online Store.

My Online Store: is open for business and there is not just prints but super cool t-shirts and and fancy iPhone cases and even more galore!! I will only be uploading more and more as time goes on so keep on checking if you haven’t found the piece you are looking for πŸ˜‹!!


Here’s the link again:

And here’s a poem about it:

There was a girl who shared,

Her mind in images, in colors,

In words and in total

But here what matters too,

Is what can be counted

What can be personal

Everyone can have ownership

And so here is an online store,

For the numbers to be counted true

And for you to have some of her

Mind for you.

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  1. I looked at your wares. So many interesting things with your lovely artwork. The tote bags would be fun to carry. Wishing you well with your store. πŸ™‚

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  2. Love the online store, looks great! (And it is just me or does To Forget Regret look awesome on absolutely everything?). Sadly I’m at that point in the month where any remaining moolah needs to be held onto until all the bills get fed properly but I know a place I’ll be visiting next payday! πŸ™‚

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