I was not.

I would pay someone else to be a better me,

To give it all that I could be

But every time that they would ask,

What I would do?

I would tell them ask you.


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  1. Love the painting, really cool colors

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  2. I’m curious – in general, how long does it take you to produce your paintings?

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    • Hmmm, I don’t really keep track sometimes I do something and it’s very fast to me and it’s been a whole day (or all night >_<), other times I'll revisit what I started a couple times. Usually the biggest portion of time I spend outside of painting /writing itself is thinking about different ideas and what is around me so I have a certain thing in mind when I start and then follow what I'm doing until I feel like I have a gut feeling that I'm finished. I do want to try oil paints/longer projects soon, though!

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  3. Wonderful words, wonderful art!

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  4. your mind and creative are truly amazing and bring so much depth and power to the soul
    and visual. peace

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  5. The poems are always short, but its impact is great.

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