Do you see them?

Partridge passing puffing up his wings
Darling darting ducking under things.

Sailors swimming swiftly to the shore
Bakers bribing boys to close the door.

Oaks offering openings to the last
Cats clawing cannot stop the past.

Humans hiding hastily from guilt
Watchers willing words to the hilt.

Villagers vanish vast among the clock
Red running right along the hawk.

Questions qualify quiet and unsure
Justice judges jealous of the pure.

Zed zones zero in on the space
Giving graces grow to the pace.

Intrepid ignorance ignites the frightened
Lying lowly leaping as heightened.

Abject adjectives alerting the unknown
Yawning yesterday’s yellow tone.

Mouthing mimes mimic the coming wrath
Exactly expired even for the math.

Kept kissing kindness in the ground
Forcing fiends forward to pierce the sound.

Xenon Xeroxing xenophobia into birth
Noxious nothing now took our earth.

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  1. This is fabulous. I love the way your words flow together!

    Liked by 1 person

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