Civilized Grump.

Dabble in the tipple 

Of a momentary ripple

In the space of a moment 

Movement graced by opponents 

Faced with the bitterness 

Bitten by the wilderness 

Why overcome 

When faced with a sum

Which soaked in its sulfur

Is choking on the so sure

Asking for the number 

To answer for the somber 

Quoting serves the same

Promoting the old name

Insane contorting to a bow

Shallow wrapped in a show.

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  1. Content aside, I just love the contours of sound in your poems.

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  2. Beautiful sentiments. And as always, captivating artwork with a charm all its own.

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  3. I’m not sure why I’m not getting your posts. I thought instead of having to come to Reader, they would just be showing up in my email box. I’ll check it out. As always, I very much enjoy your work.

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