An Education.

Enter the standards of solidarity,
Continue the traditions of popularity
Know how to agree with,
Pay your bills on the fifth
Read what the educated do,
They assign your true
Consume pills as prescribed
Side effects are true and tried,
Regret eats away at fantasies
Let time pass until no sympathies,
In your heart is a hardest weapon
So the new are always threatened,
You are swallowed by a system
But no longer are the victim,
Born and raised to be grazed
There is no escape from the maze,
Only knowing where the walls hit
And how to submit.
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  1. Reblogged this on Gold Mountain Poet and commented:
    The poetry and art of Mischief Memoirs is brilliant and sharp, while celebrating “our common humanity.”


  2. This was not written by one who has submitted, I think. Very nice.

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  3. Never give in…never submit. Not ever.


  4. ya never never give up.. really nice


  5. This piece speaks to me ….

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