The Reaping of The Smilecrow.

The dancing agony fills me up so,

Scouring for remnants of a whole

To flay reduce to a gutted hollow,

Taking mine for a punishing toll

Status sourced from sickness deep,

My personhood it shall be reaped!

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  1. You dont have to rhyme you know..n.


    • I don’t have to rhyme, that is true. I tend to find myself drawn to rhyme because I enjoy most of all the quality of how that type of poem sounds read aloud. Rhyming gives an element of cohesion and rhythmic meter. But I don’t rhyme unless it fits what I am saying, and I don’t rhyme just to rhyme. If you notice I usually write shorter poems so that each word can be painstakingly chosen. In that sense the rhyming words themselves create a layer to a poem that does not exist otherwise, an addition of meaning not just in each word itself but how and why they are connected to each other. In short I am not a hostage to rhyming’s cruel clutches, we are just friendly neighbors.

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