Born on the wrong side of the bed.

I do not know what it will take,
To not be a mistake
An accident of fate,
Just a moment too late.

I do not know how to be,
Unseen but to see
Locked away once more,
Maladjusted at the core.

I do not know why I try,
When life passes by
A puppet to failure,
Waiting for a cure.

I do not know where to go,
With nothing to show
A piece without a fit,
Giving into the quit.

I do not know
Will you tell me?

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  1. Nice. Very depressing though. I hope that’s not how you really feel.


  2. I love this, slightly depressing but with a light on. Ask and answers come!

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  3. I liked it. Once again you have married the graphic with the poem perfectly.


  4. I believe all of us feel like that once in a while. At least I have, more than once.
    You declare: “I aspire to contribute writing and art that celebrates our common humanity,” and that is exactly what you are doing! You are touching lives, so in my book you are a success! I know from experience that, sometimes, it is hard to convince ourselves of our own worthiness. It’s a common feature among creative souls, not a flaw but a challenge we will one day overcome. And which, in the meantime, serves as a bittersweet topic for self-expression. Love you and love your profile picture, by the way!


  5. Hii…I am nominating you for the creative blogger award…hope you won’t mind..:):)


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