On the Bones of Sharpened Guilt.

I will fight until you die my friend,
The battle waged until the end
My sacrifice in you is sin,
Sacrificed to steal the win.
Ruling now I will live on,
Your spirit now has barely gone
Your soul however,
Haunts me forever.
Stays around
In the ground
The air inhaled
Of how you wailed.
My kingdom here was built,
On the bones of sharpened guilt.
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  1. Haunting.. just hauntingly beautiful

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  2. Brought me to tears….The last line hit me very hard. I’ve lived with “sharpened guilt” since my best friend died in ’86. We hadn’t spoken for a long while, and then suddenly she was gone…4 days before her 25th birthday. I miss her every day, and regret not ending the feud between us. Now it’s too late to right the wrong.


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