The Fading Man.

Have you met the fading man?
You might have seen him last
In the corner of your looking glass.
His smile smudges when you pass,
Look deep again at fading man
Have you discovered who is past?
He faded all that made him man,
Too late it seems to find out who?
That fading man was always you.
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  1. Nice work! I’m coming across so many single eyes lately.


  2. Very clever little poem mischievous one.


  3. Awesome! Seems I’m drawn to fading men or they’re drawn to me. Nevertheless, I remain single. Sometimes happily, sometimes not.


  4. this is beautiful. I understand it for me and can also relate to it via my uncle having had Alzheimers and lots of mental illness in my family. so poignant, powerful. always love your art and words

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