What am I to you?

I am just an object,
Here for you to assess
I am just your subject,
Here for you to dismiss.
I am just your distraction,
Here for your pleasure
I am just your frustration,
Here for you to measure.
I am just your decoration,
Here for you to show off
I am just your vacation,
Here for you to scoff.
I am just a woman,
Here for you to oppress
I am just your burden,
Here for you to address.
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  1. That’s precisely how I like my women – minus the oppress part – 😉 and, honestly, I think they want me to think of them like that too (not like today’s society would want them to admit that of course).

    If it isn’t clear, let me say I’m being humorous with the above statement . . . mostly anyway :O

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  2. Drop his ASS

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  3. So many questions. Aren’t we just a mirrors reflecting what we can’t see in ourselves?

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  4. You are the friend who brings me entertainment, distraction and thoughtfulness.I’m afraid I’ve never been good at ‘oppress’ I’m more your let’s decide together and just have fun type.


  5. You are the love of my life.


  6. literally the only blog-thing-whatever that I follow; special


  7. That’s.. quite a powerful message in those words, none should see you as just these.


  8. Short ones with deep meaning are my fav!!

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  9. You’re sure you’re not living inside my brain, writing the thoughts I’m too afraid to reveal? Thank you!


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