Look up.

The greatest human collection, 

 Every wish ever made 

 An eternity of confessions, 

 For the lonely & afraid 

 The magic of the sky, 

 A people’s history of asking why.

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  1. Nice work, and I really like the art.


  2. Ever since I got sick a year ago, I keep asking, “why?” I have yet to receive an answet. The art reminds me of the days I’ve looked up to heaven calling out to God and asking Him, “why?”

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  3. A real nice way of looking up! Starting with Adam until the present moment, and even in future, until the Second Coming, the why’s will always remain a mystery, for the Omnipotent is not answerable to anybody, least of all to His own creation, yet He is so loving and compassionate, whatever happens is for the good of humanity as it is His plan, fate or what not – happiness lies in submitting to His divine will! Love and peace to one and all! 🙂


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