Twins divided

She and She were born on the first day of the year. Called the New Day twins they were celebrated from the butcher’s to the loo. The twins however, did not celebrate. Despising sharing the glory with another, every day they fantasized about the other’s demise: arsenic, hemlock, accidental drowning. As time creaked on the New Day twins grew into cruel and hateful women.

On an all too usual Sunday of being showered with gifts from the pious villagers, the twins got an unusual black box. “Oh how plain” she said, “I like it!” she said. When the box was opened a booming voice began “You have been granted a single wish”. In unison she and she said “We want to be twins no longer!” In a swirl of magic and an enchantment or two the world transformed around them.

She found herself in a world that ignored her as did she. They were no longer twins, so they had no one to blame and no one to bond with. They were truly alone, as they had always desired. The New Day twins had been divided forever more, dreaming of the day they could be twins again.

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  1. Careful what you wish for!

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  2. Sometimes you think you’re getting what I want but in the end you get what you need and that comes wrapped in an ugly box but there might be a pearl inside!

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