Back Pain.

In a snap,

A spinal mishap,

Delivers a debilitating handicap.

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  1. I admire you’re ability to be creative, while in pain! The poem is very funny! Great job!

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  2. You’ve described back pain perfectly.

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  3. My back throbs in agreement. Quite funny.


  4. Oh, I have been here! So sorry if you are in pain now.


  5. I totally agree with what u said about back pain!!
    It really drives u to insanity.


  6. Two crushed vertebrae made me shorter and able to tell taller tales

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  7. I want to “like”, but I just can’t. I know that pain. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs, it does help.


  8. I hated to like this because it’s like liking that you’re in pain. Think of it as a click in sympathy.


  9. In a snap I hope it’s all back to good!


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