Omniscience Paradox.

There is a gap in our knowledge of our knowledge, a place so deep in our collective unconscious we forget it lingers unseen. It is the light at the end of the tunnel of exploration, a destination changing with each footstep closer. A piece of the universal equation, answers to questions that will never be asked. Words are inadequate and all the same sufficient, as eternity has diminishing returns. Why in all its forms do we try to approach an end that is wrapped in beginnings, a sorrow’s joy and a chaotic order of completeness? Walk as you might to its fulfillment, but never ask to grasp its bodiless forms. As to know the future past present unwound would mean you never chose to find it in the first place. All knowing is a paradox.

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  1. I click the like button, but I don’t know why. I “think” i understand what you’re saying while I’m reading, but when I’m done reading your comment all I hear is crickets or like grasping at smoke. But then..that’s what you’re saying…………….isn’t it?


  2. We only know what we know. All else is in that realm of learning. Great post.

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  3. It’s like Quantum Physics, it doesn’t make sense, but then again it does. Try walking away from it and then ‘what’? Opposites attract but their called opposites. the universe needs us to see itself, to make sense of itself and we’re haveing a time of it.. oh boy!

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  4. To steal a line from an old song, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” Will we ever know all there is to know in the universe? Or will learning what we think is the end merely open a myriad of doors for us to open to new knowledge we couldn’t comprehend before.


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