The Taste Police.

Too Serious,
Truly Delirious.
A Triumph in disgust,
Lackluster lust.
Undeniably Unbelievable!
Shoddy camera work,
Directed by a bumbling jerk.
Written by a gang of monkeys,
Adored by hee-hawing donkeys!

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  1. Very well conceived and delivered. Equally applies to the Moral Police, the high-handed Civil Police and such other Police. Good one – keep policing!

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  2. Hee-haww…Heee-hawwww

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  3. This applies to so many things recently seen. I wonder which one motivated this post ???

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  4. If you didn’t like my biopic, just say so!

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  5. I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but I’m often appalled by what gets released as entertainment. Then again, we live in a society where freedom of expression is paramount–freedom to put stuff out there and freedom to criticize it.


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