Bedtime Story.

We who live under the bed fear one
a fearsome beast of wild eyes,
if you see her run, run, run!
Far too late for good byes
if she finds you
Boil, boil, boil
in her monster stew,
goodbye you!

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  1. The scariest part of your picture….the hand grenade.

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  2. simple brain of monkey enjoy musings of themischievousanna 100 %. monkey wonder if themischievousanna ever read book by great writer & artist lynda barry what have title what it is. if answer = no then monkey think themischievousanna in for treat. it great inspiration to monkey. goodybye today.

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  3. Thank you for liking a few of my posts, I appreciate the feedback. I am always amused by your posts when I visit your blog, I think it the child in me that delights in your drawings and words.

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  4. i love your art both writing and drawing they are strong and to the point…I love Bukowski because he wrote without embellishment, I didn’t like him all that much, but he was direct like an arrow and so are you…cheers


  5. MA – Thanks for the shoutout on your great blog. Keep it going – the writing and the drawing. Jay

    By the way – I have a Bedtime story too:


  6. Great combination of picture and words. I love the style of the drawings!

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  7. Great poem and art. I especially like the hand grenade. Nice touch.

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