Job Search.

I won’t settle this time
I’ve got experience,
I’ve got skills
Anyway I’ve got bills.

Websites, Career Fairs, Connections
Entry level
Living anywhere
Rejections after rejections.

I will take anything
I just need to work
I will be your bitch
Just call me, ring ring.

Unemployed Unemployable
I will discover myself
Self-employed, successful
I am fucked, royal.

Work to live,
Die to work
Live to die.
Kiss my Job Search Good Bye.

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  1. The spirit of today’s fucked-up workforce and how ridiculous they are. Your words are that of so many, right now. We need a Meritocratic system in place, along with a career-placement program. The tyranny of corporatism needs to be abolished.

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  2. …I know that story so very well… Went to uni to work customer service apparently. Well at least I’m using my extensive knowledge of people somehow!


  3. This reflects the experiences of so many right now. It really captures the frustration.

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  4. Awsme 😀 reflection on what i’ve been experiencing now !


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