I once was a singer, but I couldn’t carry a tune
I once was an archeologist, but I couldn’t excavate ruins
I once was a doctor, but I couldn’t save a soul
I once was an actor, but I couldn’t fit the roles

I once was a pilot, but I couldn’t fly a plane
I once was a meteorologist, but I couldn’t predict the rain
I once was a politician, but I couldn’t tell the lies
I once was a funeral director, but I couldn’t say good byes

I once was a sushi chef, but I couldn’t make the rice
I once was a gambler, but I couldn’t roll the dice
I once was a sprinter, but I couldn’t run fast
I once was a human, and a mighty fine one at that.

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  1. beautiful..
    i once was a human,but world couldn’t accept it

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  2. I once was a human, and a mighty fine one at last – that’s how my brain kept insisting on reading it. 🙂 it wouldn’t accept a lack of rhyme! 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on an Outlet.


  4. We should thrive on our imperfections! Nice one 🙂

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