The First Story.

She was born of a big bang, trials and meteors blazed as time enveloped her. The anatomy of her galaxies flexed and defined, found forms and transformed. Shooting stars and gaping black holes ate matter, a retrovirus desirous. Planets demolished, liberally restored in her choking gravities and vacuums. Warmest where suns took residence, she relished in the incredible unforgettable musical energy of growing and growling at the edge of reality.
A tender whisper brought about new residents, from single celled organisms to fur and shells. She marveled at the old reborn, and new taking form, of cycles and recycles, survival begot evolution, new sciences and old methods invented novel solutions. There came a species she never expected, traversing her torso and limbs, filling her arteries with matter formed and deformed, weaponized, threatened and threatening.
And finally a beginning came wrapped in a tenderly vicious moment when time twisted gravity and matter reformed.

A big bang, what now would she become?

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