A Soliloquy on Pain

Hello my arch nemesis, or should I call you my faithful and steadfast constant companion? You surround me, and yet I know so little about your curious character. Omnipresent, and omniscient I’m not the only one you acquaint yourself with. What is it about your destructive embrace that produces shrill screams in the night and yet falls away so fickle just the same. There is marked trouble in the sallow completion of your desire, a trouble that draws your tendrils in ferocious appetite repeating, again but yet when?

I who descend in a ponderous jealously, do you care to know me or am I as your others taught, tame prey? But there is a fight in my grip, a rueful challenge to your restrictions of callous controls!

A truce perhaps in your presentation of penurious chances, as the wave of your release contends. Here and moreso there are memories, of a body contained but of not mine to control. Rambling, raking, pounding, shaking. Ah I have come upon an ending, a reached conclusion, my freedom.

What humor you must have, in shortest of time if any passed at all, I realize with a chortle this is merely your beginning!


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